Dallas, TX (APRIL 2022) — On this year’s Good Friday, our Pacifica Apartments partnered with Dallas County Health and Human Services to open a pop-up clinic for all residents.

As part of Polaris’ efforts to help the local community cope with the immense difficulties and challenges after COVID-19 Pandemic, the management team, in partnership with the local police officers and healthcare providers, gave out $25 Walmart gift cards to encourage residents to get Covid vaccination or booster shots. The residents also got a chance to spin the Prize Wheel to win $100 with a HIV-STD screen test.

The management team also offered a free finance management program to the residents who needed help managing their mortgage, rent, or utility bills. All residents at Polaris’ nearby properties such as Cadence, Regal Crossing, Luna and The Harrison were also invited to participate.

The event was a great opportunity for us to make an impact on the community. We were grateful to see the residents participating and giving us lots of good feedback. Making such an impact is important to us at Polaris and we look forward to many more successful community events.

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