DALLAS, TX (JANUARY 2019) — As part of Polaris’s efforts to create a community resource center, we decided to work with Goodwill as one of our main supporting partners at the social community level. Goodwill provides Polaris communities with various workshops on financial literacy and financial wellbeing, giving residents valuable resources and knowledge on how to save money and efficiently manage a bank account. Goodwill has been providing these weekly workshops at the Pacifica Apartments in Dallas and will be starting its first workshop at the Woodhollow & Pebble Cove Apartments shortly.

To have a better understanding on the needs of each community, we hosted an information session during which a Goodwill representative introduced the residents to several topics and presented his personal life story. The inspirational story was then followed by an opportunity for residents to ask questions and interact with the representative. After some initial hesitation among the resident participants to share their own stories, questions started to flow and many residents expressed genuine excitement about the opportunity to talk and share their own stories and get personal advices from the representative.

After the introductory session, Polaris hosted Goodwill for an additional four sessions. Each session consisted of topics that were raised in the introductory session. The sessions were attended by many residents, many of whom were present in all four sessions. Overall, the session feedbacks from the residents were quite positive: “I come here because I like to study and I like to learn new things”; “This workshop helped me to understand better the small issues in the system that I didn’t know before.” They are all eager to know about when the next workshop will be hosted.

To encourage even more residents to attend the workshops, Polaris and Goodwill created a structural program for the residents that allowed them to gather points for each workshop attendance. They will then receive a certificate and a raffle ticket for a prize at the end of the program based on their accumulated points. “As a community coordinator, it is always satisfying to see the community come to every hosted event. However, it is even better where I get positive feedback about the enrichment events. It is not obvious get such a bit turnout on this type of events,” noted Anya Volchkov, Polaris’ Community Coordinator.

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