SAN FRANCISCO, CA (DECEMBER 2019) – Polaris is dedicated to ensuring the safety of residents. To this end, monthly crime watch meetings are held to guarantee that residents feel safe in their communities.

During these meetings, local law enforcement work with residents to make them aware of crime trends in their area as well as recommend various crime prevention strategies. This education provides residents with the necessary knowledge to make them feel safe in their communities. These meetings, however, are not just one sided. Residents also take this as an opportunity and a forum to bring to light issues that they notice in their communities that might not have been discussed outside of these meetings.

Apart from just raising awareness, crime watch meetings help to foster a sense of community. They reinforce the concept that keeping a community safe is a shared responsibility. Together with their neighbors and local law enforcement, residents endeavor to solve the common problem of crime. From this experience, residents realize that they have each other’s backs and can rest easier with this mind.

For us at Polaris, crime watch meetings are indicative of us staying true to one of our founding principles which is to not just be property owners but to be stewards of these communities. We are proud to play a role in safeguarding these communities and helping to develop a sense of neighborly comradery through monthly crime watch meetings.

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