DALLAS, TX (OCTOBER 2018) — There is nothing that shows the sense of community better than celebrating a holiday event together with your neighbors. As one of the most popular holidays in the United States, Halloween was not an exception.

Many adults and kids came to the event with amusing costumes. Even the community managers transformed themselves into their childhood favorite characters. Seeing everyone in their not-so-formal dressings, the residents seemed more relaxed and enjoyed chatting with others.

This year’s special surprise came from the Dallas police officers who showed up to our Red Bird mall Assets and became the main attraction of the event. The officers were from a local police station who often patrols through the area and knew many of the kids here. They came to the holiday party with their regular work uniform and played catch with many of the kids. The kids were hesitant at first but ended up enjoying playing and chatting with the officers. At the end of the party, each kid received a police officer sticker and a surprise gift prepared by our managers.

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