SAN FRANCISCO, CA (JULY 2015) — Polaris Real Estate Partners, an active multifamily investor, has named two new members to its management team. Each new team member brings particular strengths to Polaris and will assist the company as it grows into new markets.

“We are excited to expand our leadership as we continue to grow Polaris.” noted Travis Pacoe, general partners of the company. “Amita and Thien bring substantial, proven experience to our partnership and will be instrumental in our expansion to the next level of ownership and management.”

Amita Patel has been named Chief Operating Officer and will oversee Polaris Real Estate Partners’ asset management services, acquisitions and investment matters. Amita brings 5 years of real estate transactional experience overseeing sales in excess of $400 million. She is responsible for communication between onsite management companies and general oversight of capital improvements for the company’s multifamily assets. Amita will also be directly involved with the transaction requirements related to the purchase of new assets. Amita has a J.D. from San Francisco Law School, San Francisco, CA, a Certificate in Mediation from San Francisco Law School, San Francisco, CA and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.

Thien Do is Director of Marketing and Communications, and oversees communications, public relations and promotional activities selected to support the brand and marketing strategy for Polaris Real Estate Partners. Additionally, Thien is responsible for online marketing campaigns for Polaris at the corporate level as well as its properties, including design and implementation of each asset’s online presence. Thien has an extensive professional history in marketing and technology. Prior to joining Polaris, he managed a direct marketing team for AT&T and Quill for two years. He also has experience as a data analyst at Google Inc. Thien has a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Computer Science and minor in Photography from Knox College, Galesburg, IL.

Polaris Real Estate Partners specializes in multifamily investment in the mid-western and central United States, with its principals collectively holding 40 years of direct real estate investment experience and approximately 1,500 units currently under ownership and management. With substantial, dedicated equity, the company and its principals have acquired multifamily properties, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and retail properties as well as improved and unimproved land. Polaris Real Estate Partners is currently seeking projects 100 to 350 units in size in the mid-western and central U.S.

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Polaris Real Estate Partners
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