We feel that we have a responsibility to foster a sense of community at our properties. We leverage the existing amenities at our properties, and add additional amenities whenever possible, to provide a satisfying tenant experience. Additionally, we develop platforms of socially conscious programs that will appeal to the tenant profile of our communities. As each of our assets may have different demographics and physical characteristics, a community’s programs will be tailored to its needs and capacity. These programs – which may include education, ongoing community events, fitness programs, energy resource conservation and more – will ultimately imbue our properties with an over-arching, greater sense of community among our residents.

Family Oriented Events

  • School Backpack Giveaway
  • Pool Parties
  • Summer Food Program
  • Summer Movie Night
  • Fire Department With Kids
  • Senior Activities


  • Insurance Seminar
  • Taxes & Banking Seminar
  • Identify Theft Seminars
  • Book Club
  • Afterschool Program
  • Fire Safety

Health and
Health Benefits

  • CPR Training
  • Blood Drive
  • Pet Registration – SPCA
  • Art Therapy
  • Afterschool Program
  • Swimming Lessons

Career Events

  • Banking Seminars
  • Resume Writing
  • Career Fair

Participating Organizations

  • All Stars Project, Inc.
  • Camp Gladiator
  • Goodwill
  • Las Vegas Trail Rise – Fort Worth
  • Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas
  • Dallas Police Department
  • Cypress Point
  • SWJ After School Program
  • Liftfund Dallas
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • YMCA Dallas
  • YMCA Fort Worth
  • FPA

Press Releases

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