Differentiating through Community and Environmental Stewardship

We feel that we have a responsibility to foster a sense of community at our properties. We leverage the existing amenities at our properties, and add additional amenities whenever possible, to provide a satisfying tenant experience. Additionally, we develop platforms of socially conscious programs that will appeal to the tenant profile of our communities. As each of our assets may have different demographics and physical characteristics, a community’s programs will be tailored to its needs and capacity. These programs – which may include education, ongoing community events, fitness programs, energy resource conservation and more – will ultimately imbue our properties with an over-arching, greater sense of community among our residents.

Polaris Real Estate Partners, with our offsite and onsite management teams, initiate dialogues with neighborhood advocacy groups to facilitate cooperation, engagement and participation. This contact with municipal governments and community leaders for exchange of ideas and incorporation of city-sponsored programs increases participation by our tenants. For example, we initiate tenant-focused classes and seminars, held in our indoor or outdoor recreation areas, that might offer computer training, parenting and health/ wellness/ fitness classes. We also expand the existing outdoor environments (picnic areas, expanded children’s play areas, a community garden) that bring tenants together. Finally, we organize monthly social events that stimulate tenant contact.

We also strive to complete capital improvement and resource conservation programs for responsible environmental stewardship. As large-scale residential properties with significant numbers of residents, apartment projects consume substantial natural resources. We install or replace infrastructure when possible to conserve power, water and other resources. When upgrading vacant units, we install hard surface interior flooring to reduce carpet use and minimize the need for replacement, and energy efficient appliances to reduce power use. We may install solar systems to generate power or heat the swimming pool. Finally, we implement onsite recycling programs wherever possible for the use of tenants and management.

By implementing these various initiatives, we are supporting our tenancy as they redefine the word “home” in a new era of dramatically increased use of rental housing.

Participating Organizations

All Stars Project, Inc.
Camp Gladiator
Las Vegas Trail Rise – Fort Worth
Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas
Dallas Police Department
SWJ After School Program
Liftfund Dallas
Wells Fargo Bank
YMCA Dallas
YMCA Fort Worth