Investment Criteria

Our long history in investing in both distressed and mature real estate projects of widely ranging asset types gives us the capability to efficiently and quickly analyze, structure and complete our targeted investment assignments. Whether it is a stabilized apartment project, a distressed community in need of repositioning or a portfolio of assets in multiple states, you will find our underwriting and investment committee capable and responsive.

Transaction Size

$6MM-$25MM. Polaris acquires single assets or property portfolios. We can provide funding for transactions larger than $25MM in certain instances.

Asset Class

Polaris will acquire properties in widely ranging location qualities. We will consider Class B or C multifamily investments, either stabilized or distressed. We will consider condominium projects that are partially constructed as well as completed.

Geographic Focus

Polaris will consider multifamily assets in the western, southwestern and central states. We will consider properties in primary, secondary and tertiary locations.

Property Types

Polaris’ principals have acquired nearly every property type. Our primary focus is currently multifamily properties. We are currently seeking apartment projects of at least 200 units in size, up to 500 units. We will consider multiple properties in close geographic proximity that are less than 200 units but combined are at least 250 units.