As a part of our efforts to provide supportive resources to our residents, we partnered with Wells Fargo Bank to host a financial literacy class for all of our communities across the Polaris portfolio.

The purpose of this class was to help our residents meet their weekly budgets while equipping them with strategies to plan for their financial futures. For example, part of the course focused on wealth building, with a specific emphasis on how to properly invest in the stock market and subsequently manage these investments.

The residential communities that make up the Polaris portfolio are generally occupied by residents of moderate means. Such a demographic is often excluded from conversations surrounding financial literacy. However, this is a demographic that can perhaps benefit the most from and make the most use of such conversations. Moreover, the importance of discussions about financial literacy has been hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting economic consequences.

Such classes as the one provided by Wells Fargo can aid in helping our residents grapple with financial uncertainties they may be facing and in turn can assuage any anxiety or stress that comes with such uncertainties. Our residents expressed interest and excitement in the financial literacy course offered by Wells Fargo and benefited from the information that was provided to them. Making such an impact is important to us at Polaris and we look forward to providing further financial education in the future.

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