DALLAS, TX (JUNE 2019) — We believe that ice-breaking community events are important to promote quickly at our newly acquired properties. Forest Hill being one of our newest communities, hosted their first kickoff event in May. It happened on a Friday afternoon, and the office team had the opportunity to interact with the residents and introduce themselves to the community at the end of a long week.

The team invited different vendors, such as Spectrum and State Farm, to help support the event by donating food and fun gifts for the community. Each vendor had a small booth where residents got some gifts and were able to speak with the representatives. One of the more interesting conversations that occurred was when one of the residents did not know about a certain company and ended up using the services a few weeks later. This event in particular was an introduction event between the community and the office staff but with no primary intention beyond an introduction of local services to the community.

The turnout was larger than we expected, with over 25 residents coming to the office and engaging with the vendor representatives and office staff. Some residents took advantage of the opportunity and stayed at the office for a bit longer than they planned. The office environment changed to community-oriented activity, with residents remaining to spend casual time with each other. “One of the conversations that I had with a resident who had lived at the property for the last 5 years was about how different this event was and about how safe she feels at Forest Hill,” noted Anya Volchkov, Polaris’ Community Coordinator.

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