SAN FRANCISCO, CA (March 2021) — As we are approach the second quarter of 2021, there are encouraging developments that the Covid-19 pandemic impact is slowly improving, and life can become normal as more people are getting vaccinated. As providers of housing, we feel it is our responsibility to make sure our residents always feel safe and happy in our community during this transition to normalcy.

One of our ideas that we have recently decided to implement across all communities was partnering with Little Free Library, a non-profit organization focused on helping communities share books by installing book-sharing boxes across communities in America. By partnering with Little Free Library, we were able to install these libraries in each leasing office for the residents to come and find new books as well as share their own favorite books for others to read. We also get many books donated from local libraries and schools to make the libraries’ collections more diverse.

We believe these libraries can have a profound impact in increasing access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds. The wide variety of these book collections also encourage people in the community to access a diverse source of information and perspective from our own residents. Access to books is also cited as the number-one predictor of a child’s ability to thrive in school. We hope this Little Free Library can bring the community together and help with the diversity issues that are prevalent across US communities.

Polaris Real Estate Partners specializes in multifamily investment in the mid-western and central United States, with its principals collectively holding 40 years of direct real estate investment experience. With substantial, dedicated equity, the company and its principals have acquired multifamily properties, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and retail properties as well as improved and unimproved land. Polaris is also deeply committed to enriching the lives of its residents through its social impact programs and community improvement efforts. Polaris Real Estate Partners is currently seeking individual properties or portfolios of 200 to 1,000 units in size in its targeted areas.

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