DALLAS, TX (APRIL 2019) — On the second Wednesday of April, Luna hosted an event for its younger community and their families.

About 3 years ago, Dallas Police Department re-enforced the Camp Wisdom area with more police presence and opened a new community outreach center. Since then, the dedicated police department invests more time and effort in the area and makes a significant difference on the local community.

As part of Polaris’s efforts to help the local community, we partnered with the DPD – Red Bird Mall Outreach Unit to provide more support and create more communication between the local residents and the authorities in the area. This partnership will complement the monthly Crime Watch meetings we host at our communities and the weekly and daily visits with our management team and property patrols. The dedicated team makes sure that they connect with families and kids to create trust and security in the community.

To ensure we create safe relationships, Polaris partnered with the DPD Outreach Unit to host an afternoon of reading books with the kids and their family members. There were 10 eager kids that participated at the event and helped the officers read the books. Kids being kids, after taking a break and listening to two stories, wanted to know more about the officers and their jobs. The story-reading activity shifted gears and become an interactive demonstration during which policemen showed, explained, and demonstrated the equipment they are wearing and told stories they have experienced at their job. Many parents and children raised their hands and used the opportunity to ask questions. One of the questions was “what would you recommend for kids to do if they see something bad?” and it was the perfect question because the essential goal of this meeting is to give kids the opportunity to trust the police and that if they see something they should not be afraid of talking to policemen.

After the event some kids stayed behind. The policemen showed them their cars and let them play with the siren for a little bit. “When the siren went off two teenagers came out from their apartments to see what is going on, and one of them commented on his fear to interact with the police, but after the policeman approached the teens it was incredible to see how the fear transformed to curiosity. I was very proud to see it happening in front of my eyes, because seeing it makes it so much more significant,” noted Anya Volchkov, Polaris Community Coordinator.

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