DALLAS, TX (MAY 2022) After months of renovating, North Star Apartments’ new park has officially opened this Summer. To celebrate this special event, we invited Officers from Dallas Police Departments to host the first Crime Watch Meeting.

The management team advertised the event well ahead of time to the residents, sending email blasts and text reminders every week and distributing flyers across the property to make sure residents would know about it. We also worked with our Officers to create the agenda about how to prevent and reduce crime in the neighborhood. The event was held at the new park & playground so that the kids and young residents could have some fun after a long day at school. 

On the day of the event, we prepared pizzas, beverages, KONA Ice and bounce houses for attendees. We were surprised to see over 200 residents show up. After the property manager gave some introductory comments about the officer and new playground, our residents discussed and planned potential solutions to address any area crime. It was also a great way to meet and get to know the Officers, which enhances everyone’s safety in the neighborhood. 

We were overwhelmed and humbled by the engagement and participation of our residents. This gave us a great deal of encouragement to plan and host similar events in the future with the hope of bringing a safe community to everyone and stay true to our founding principle of being both a home provider and stewards of these communities.

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