DALLAS, TX (NOVEMBER 2018) — The 2018 midterm elections were possibly one of the most exciting and historical elections in Texas. Polaris, being an active leader in the community, took the initiative to help its residents get to the polls and allow the campaign representatives to help the residents get registered before the elections.

Each apartment complex in Dallas was accommodated with a van that would shuttle residents to the polls and back for the entire day. Several residents took advantage of the provided shuttle services and were able to get to the polls at their convenience.

Many citizens including Polaris residents voted early, but there were several of them that decided to vote on election day. “It is such a good idea to have busses from the property, some of us don’t have cars and it is very helpful that it runs the entire day,” commented an Eastfield Resident. Some early-voting residents wished they had known about this service: “I wish we had this service for early voting, I took 3 buses to go vote two days ago.”

After the polls close, Polaris hosted a Pizza party at each of the complex locations and received lots of positive feedbacks from the residents. “The residents were all happy that we offered this service. The ones that got the opportunity to use this service mentioned how important it is to vote and have this free opportunity for those who don’t have a car,” noted Anya Volchkov, Polaris Community Coordinator.

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