DALLAS, TX (AUGUST 2019) — For many years we have had a tradition of providing backpacks full of school supplies to our student residents prior to the commencement of their school year. We recognize that education is precious and providing support to kids can be helpful for parents. So, every year in August, we offer free backpacks and school supplies at each of our properties.

Education is a critical factor in elevating young people to be able to make greater professional and general life choices. Although small, school supplies can provide an essential start to a child’s education as well as foster general confidence as they begin their school year. Additionally, there is a chronic shortage of funding for school supplies that is often subsidized by our nation’s K-12 teachers. These teachers spend, on average, $459 each on school supplies for which they are not reimbursed. Teachers in neighborhoods that are less- advantaged spend more on supplies than their colleagues in areas with greater advantages.

With 17 properties and hundreds of children as residents, we have great opportunity to make this humble contribution to a large number of kids at the start of their school years. This year, we delivered a record 508 backpacks with school supplies to our youngest residents. “Of the community-fostering programs and events we offer our residents throughout the year, this is our favorite,” noted Travis Pacoe. “The joy our kids get out of choosing their own backpack is priceless! We are grateful for the opportunity to support our properties’ parents.”

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