Kansas City, KS (NOVEMBER 2020) — On the second Tuesday of October 2020, our Kansas City & St. Louis properties hosted a virtual art therapy event for their community members.

What is art therapy? Art therapy is a therapeutic practice that help improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being using art. The creative process of expressing themselves in an art form helps people manage and resolve their personal behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and improve awareness.

As part of Polaris’ efforts to help the local community cope with the immense difficulties and challenges during the pandemic, we partnered with Grow Counseling & Art Therapy to provide 3 virtual art therapy sessions. Before each of the sessions, the participating families are provided with art supplies and technical support from the management team and the therapist to ensure all virtual sessions are smooth and effective.

During these sessions, our art therapist started with defining stress and how to handle it. Then, she guided us through the process of unveiling our deepest thoughts and emotions by giving residents 20 minutes to draw anything that were in their mind at that moment. Soothing music were played in the background to help them focus on their drawings. After the drawing, the residents began showing their drawings and discussed their meanings and the emotions that the drawing conveyed.

After the event, we got much positive feedback from the residents. Residents took this as an opportunity to share their own emotional issues that they would otherwise not be able to discuss with anyone else. We will continue to do more sessions for all of our communities because we believe art therapy can create an environment that is engaging while tailoring to the needs of each individual. It is also accessible for people of all age groups.

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