DALLAS, TX (MAY 2019) — Riviera, as one of the newest communities in the Polaris portfolio, celebrated the new ownership by gathering the residents for cupcakes and tacos.

The first event in April, sponsored after the management change, was an Easter cupcake event for Riviera residents. The objectives of this event were to introduce the community to social events in general and have a fun event where everyone can meet and have a sweet treat.

The kids’ first steps into the office were somewhat hesitant since not many events were held during previous months. but with the smiles of staff members and a warm invitation, hesitation transformed into grins. The next day the kids were asking if there are any leftovers from the event and if they can have some more cupcakes.

For Riviera’s second event in May, management hosted a “Walking Tacos” event, inspired by the celebration of Cinco De Mayo, where the community gathered at the office and enjoyed some tacos for dinner. This time, the managing staff hosted the event outdoors near the office. The event was an even bigger success. Kids playing at the pool came to get some tacos and then sat down together on the playground to for a quick food break. “It was amazing to see how the kids in this community connected and formed fast friendships, noted Anya Volchkov, Polaris Community Coordinator. Adults joined to have some food and chat with the managers. One of the residents that was on a cellphone stepped closer to the table and “paused” his phone call by saying with a huge smile, “wait, wait, wait… my apartment complex is giving me free stuff, yours doesn’t, so just wait.” It was one of the most rewarding comments that the team heard that day; it showed gratitude, pride in their community and management staff, and confirmation that the efforts put into these events are recognized.

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