SAINT LOUIS, MO (OCTOBER 2020) – During Halloween this year The Mint, one of our properties in Missouri, hosted a “Trunk or Treat” event for their residents. A “Trunk or Treat” event is similar to “Trick or Treat” where children visit decorated car trunks to collect candies instead of going from house to house.

At this year’s Trunk or Treat event, our residents were greeted at the front table with coloring books, activity books, light snacks and beverages. As they walked through, we had 6 vehicles spread across both sides of the visitor parking area. Two of those vehicles belonged to a local Baptist Church, another vehicle from Shahid Painting, and three vehicles from the property’s employees. Each of the 6 vehicles was decorated differently, in colorful Halloween themes. We prepared over 400 bags of candy, some of which were donated to us by two of our vendors, EverReady Services and Artisent Floors. At the end of the event, we did a small raffle to give out some Halloween-themed gift baskets to the kids.

This year’s event attracted over 70 kids from the community and nearby neighborhoods to join the Trunk or Treat event. We were overwhelmed and humbled by the engagement and participation of not only our community members but also many residents from nearby communities. These events are indicative of us staying true to one of our founding principles which is to not just be property owners, but also be stewards of these communities. We received many compliments that the children loved it and hoped for more.

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