Polaris Real Estate Partners partnered with Kidz World Dallas, an organization belongs to KIPP Texas, to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with a community-wide event. Our management team worked with the event coordinators from Kidz World Dallas to prepare for the event ahead of time. We prepared snacks and decorated the community space with balloons and flowers. Many residents also came early to help our staff members set up the event.

At the event, many of our residents showed up and were welcomed with balloons, flowers, and cupcakes. While the kids were playing and enjoying cupcakes together, the adult residents were able to have some quiet conversations with their neighbors and learned about their stories. It was a great opportunity for some newer residents to be welcomed by long-time residents who had been living in the community for decades.

Kidz World has invested a lot of time and effort to make a significant difference to the local community. We feel so fortunate to have this partnership with Kidz World and KIPP Texas and are planning more families and kids’ events in the future. And we are so grateful to have a wonderful team that make all of these events a reality.

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